Coverage from The Daily Herald of Bartlett's 4th of July Festival 7/3/15

Laura Stoecker/
Jenn Panfil, 22, of Glen Ellyn performs at Bartlett's 22nd annual Fourth of July festival on Friday. Self taught in the guitar, Panfil has been playing since she was 16 and has recently put out her first album. She frequently performs in the Glen Ellyn and Lombard area. This is her first time performing at the festival.



Performing at Bartlett's 4th of July Festival, great coverage from The Daily Herald!

Some recent performances

Awesome show at Beer House Chicago 6/26/15 

Posing with some of the little fans, they're so cute!

Another great fan pic!

My first official sign

Posters for my show at the Beer House 

Taking pics with my super fan after my show at Bartlett's 4th of July Fest 

Rockin Bartlett's 4th of July Festival 

Signing a fan's binder 

A fan created his own binder with my picture & lyrics

It was a great show, Bartlett's 4th of July Fest

Fades Away Has Been Released!

Hi again,

I have very exciting news, my album "Fades Away" has been released and is now for sale.
It is $10 for 12 songs, I had some pre orders that I've shipped out before all the CDs were in and have already sold some copies to fans after I've released it just a few days ago.
Thank you so much to those of you who have purchased my album and always support me.
Without you guys there would be no music!

Xoxo Jenn

CD Order Is In

Hello everyone,

I'm happy to announce the CD order has now arrived.. earlier than expected.
Tomorrow I will be shipping out all my pre orders as well as the store on here will be open to purchase "Fades Away".
Less than 24 hours til "Fades Away" is released on here!
To say I'm excited is an understatement... I can't wait for you guys to hear this record!

Xoxo Jenn

Fades Away Sneak Peek

Good evening everyone,

I have very exciting news, I have just uploaded song clips for the new album Fades Away.
Check it out, under the music tab
The album will be available for purchase soon, stay tuned!

Xoxo Jenn


Fades Away Cover Art

Last Studio Pics

Hi everyone,

As you all know, I have completed recording my debut album Fades Away and will be releasing it sometime this month.
These are the last few pictures I have from the studio, hope you enjoy seeing them in anticipation of my albums release.
Thanks for all your support!

Xoxo Jenn

Working stuff out for the last time

Last time in the vocal booth 

Signing the door, leaving my mark on Gremlen forever 

Admiring my work on Gremlen's graffiti door 

My signature... I officially signed the door, I'm part of Gremlen history lol

Sam & I holding the final master of Fades Away... It was a proud moment!
Yes I was sunburned lol

The Vino Cellar Pics

Hey guys,

I wanted to post some photos from my last performance at The Vino Cellar (07/11)
I met the cutest fan, she was 5 years old and a complete sweetheart.. 
She requested Let It Go from Frozen 3 times, made me pretty pictures, gave me a heart sticker and was even my little helper when I was packing up all my equipment...
Meet my adorable fan Becky

Xoxo Jenn


Such a pretty picture she made me! 

The first picture Becky made me, It has both our houses

Another pretty picture from my sweet little fan Becky 

The last picture Becky made me... I love all the hearts! 

I love my fans!<3

Fades Away Completed

Hey guys, 

So this will be a very short post, I am happy to announce I am officially done with the recording process, Fades Away is now 100% complete!
I will be releasing it very soon after I complete the next few steps, I am very excited to be so close to releasing it. 
Be sure to stay tuned for the last few updates.

Xoxo Jenn

Last Few Hours Til Album's Ready

Hey guys,

I know I haven't made any updates lately about what's going on in the studio.
Everything sounds great, I'm down to the last few hours in the studio for tweaking parts.
The album is practically done now but I need to be sure I'm happy with everything I hear.
Stay tuned for more updates...
Xoxo Jenn

Pics From Reserve 22 at the Links

Hey guys,

It was a great night playing Reserve 22 in Glen Ellyn.
The song Let it go is always a hit with the kids!
Song requests, pictures and autograph signings were all a great part of the night.
Check out the pics from Friday's show
For more pics check out my FB page
Xoxo Jenn

 Signing autographs for Sam, Dru &amp; Ashlynn.. My favorite part of my job!

Signing autographs for Sam, Dru & Ashlynn.. My favorite part of my job!

Picture with Ashlynn & Dru
I love my fans! 

Officially 22 In The Studio

Hey guys,

So it's official I'm now 22, I was born at 11:09pm almost June 11th, so I technically entered the studio while still 21 years old but officially turned 22 while I was laying down vocals in the booth, which is a pretty cool thing to be doing on my exact birthday time lol.

So here are the updates, it went really great in the studio tonight!
I recorded the rest of the songs, so now all that's left is to add effects and polish it up.
I won't be back in the studio until the week of the 22nd but I'm really looking forward to bringing the rest of these songs to life, this album is turning out great!

It's all coming together, I have my album photo shoot scheduled for next week so I'll have my photos ready, my music will be ready then on to manufacturing and then you guys will finally be hearing what I've been working on.
I'll be sure to let you know how it goes in the studio next time.
Be sure to check back on here as often as you can because I always update my site when there's news or new shows
Xoxo Jenn 

Need More Studio Time

Hello everyone,

I mentioned how I would be updating my blog about Sunday's studio session.
So the worst thing happened after performing many times in a short time span I ended up losing my voice so I was unable to record vocals, we did use the time wisely by mixing more and fixing any small issues with the recordings which have to get done so it worked out fine enough.

Because of this small issue I've decided to book more time with my engineer so I can dedicate myself  the right amount of time to this record. I was very excited to say this album would be completed on June 10th (my B Day) but now it will take a little longer than I previously anticipated, I am actually content enough with having more time to work on this album that way I have the time to listen, analyze and change the recordings if needed.

I know this album will take longer and be more costly than I expected but from how it is sounding already, I know it will be worth the extra time and money to have the album the way I want it. I am still planning on the release month of July, I see no reason that it won't be ready for manufacturing and releasing in that time span.

Anyway that's what is going on in the studio, check back for more updates about the album soon
Xoxo Jenn

Last Night's Show.. Pal Joey's in Batavia

Hey guys,

Last night was a great time playing Pal Joey's!
The place was packed, the kids were adorable and the view was beautiful... check 'em out!
For more photos check out my FB page
Xoxo Jenn

This place was packed full of people! 

These little girls loved to dance around and to give tips.. so sweet!

Awww two little blondes , they were adorable!

Dinner & a show.. makes for a busy Friday night!

Had a great time playing there!

Look at that crowd.. eye candy for every performer !

These little girls wanted to sing with me on stage.. isn't that cute!

Album Halfway Completed

Hey guys,

I wanted to keep you all updated on my progress in the recording studio.
Yesterday was such a successful day, I accomplished a lot with this album.
I have half of it completed already with vocals, guitar and backing tracks.
Although this is my first time in the studio, I am really happy with how everything sounds!
I can't wait to go back to the studio, only two more days left
Sunday and Tuesday (My Bday) then this album will be finished.
Stay tuned for more updates after I'm in the studio on Sunday.

Xoxo Jenn 

Sharko's BBQ Pics

Hey guys,

Last night was a great show at Sharko's BBQ in Naperville.
Check out some of these pics, I met the two cutest, sweetest girls there!


Performing my set 5-8pm

They were packed and this was before even more people showed up

The highlight of my night was meeting Tessa & Grace!
These girls were so sweet, I really enjoyed talking with them, signing autographs and taking a picture with them.

Staying Acoustic

Hello again,

So my last blog I mentioned how I was indecisive on keeping the album acoustic and vocals or creating the sound of a full band using other instruments. 
I've decided that I want to keep my album the way I envisioned it, vocals, acoustic guitar and background vocals. I believe the true beauty of an acoustic and the simple honesty of one voice will make this record stand out.
Thanks for all your support!
P.S. I will be uploading pics from my last performance at Sharko's BBQ in Naperville.. stay tuned

Xoxo Jenn

To Stay Acoustic or Add More Instruments?

Hey guys,

So I've been driving myself a little crazy thinking about this album, my first thought was to keep everything acoustic but now I'm going back and forth between adding other instruments.
 I'm not sure if it will add something good to the songs or just change what I originally wanted. I would like to prove that acoustic doesn't mean in has to be slow or boring, that combining the hook of a song with the beauty of an acoustic can pull you in just as much as any other full band song.

Anyways I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to decide on, keep the album acoustic and vocals just like I set out to do or change it up with other instruments, either way I'm looking forward to bringing my vision to life.
Thanks for taking the time to read through my blog guys, I'll be sure to let you know what I decide for this album.
Xoxo Jenn

Keeping Busy

Hello again,

Well it's been a hectic and crazy few weeks, between spending all my time in the studio getting this record completed, booking a lot of different places, and getting this website up and running. It's a relief to say one out of three is finished completely! 
I can't wait to finally have my album ready to be released so all of you guys can finally hear everything I've been working on for the past year. I'm really excited for all of these songs to be heard, I feel like every song brings a special quality to the album. 

Tomorrow I'm rehearsing for my show at Sharko's BBQ in Naperville on Sat, definitely looking forward to playing for their dinner crowd, going to be a great night of music!
I'll have to use Sun, Mon and Tues for everything I need to get done that week because on Wed I'm in the studio for 8 hours and then I'll be playing a show on Friday and Saturday.
It's going to be a busy couple of weeks between studio time, shows and preparing for a music video but well worth it.
Til next time,
Xoxo Jenn